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farrier barefoot trimmer in Johannesburg riding horse with Scoot Boots

Christine currently owns two horses, a Thoroughbred mare called Dafina and a Saddler x Arab mare called Montana. She has ridden and worked with horses for over twenty years as well as run her own yard for most of that time.

Christine bought her first horse in 2005 - a fourteen year old Thoroughbred mare. This particular horse had lived on rocks and hard terrain for most of her life with no problems and very little to no trimming until Christine brought her home and started having her trimmed by a farrier. After realizing that it wasn't normal that she was footsore after her trims and that she suddenly "needed shoes." Christine sat up late one night researching her horse's problems and discovered the barefoot trimming philosophy through Christine began trimming her horse's hooves with the guidance and advice of Lisa Huhn and also received some training from her riding instructor at the time who was also a farrier.

Shortly after, she bought a second, third and fourth horse - all with interesting and varied hoof problems. Her business began to expand from here on, diverting her away from her previous job work of trainingand massaging horses, and she now assists a large number of equines on their barefoot journeys.


In 2008 Christine qualified as an Equine Body Worker and has since completed and passed the Equine Body Worker Advanced Techniques Level 1 course. In 2017 she completed the Neogensis Darkfield Microscopy Course with the aim of doing Live Blood Analysis on horses as well as humans in order to solve a few health-related mysteries. Over the years, Christine has trained and worked with a number of horses competing in disciplines such as dressage, showjumping and eventing. However due to a change of interest and a busy travel schedule she no longer competes. Instead, she now enjoys working with her own horses. Her main interest is classical dressage and she enjoys and follows the work of Bent Branderup and the Academic Art of Riding. She is also beginning to explore mounted archery, but mostly she just does what the horses enjoy and what they feel up to on the day.

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