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Scoot Boots in South Africa

Scoot Boots are the perfect alternative to traditional horse shoes, decreasing concussion on joints and bones as well as increasing traction and hoof support. Scoot Boots offer a variety of other benefits including:

Cost-saving: Scoot Boots last 1000km or very often more which saves money on repetitive shoeing.

Competition: Scoot Boots are currently show legal in South Africa for both Showjumping and Endurance competitions with other disciplines beginning to embrace the concept.

Hoof health: Scoot Boots offer your horse the opportunity to stay barefoot when needed which helps to improve circulation and strengthens hoof structures. No nails mean that there is no chance of weakening of walls.

Protection: Scoot Boots protect your horses' feet from sharp rocks and stones.

All-terrain: Water, thick mud, and various other terrains are no problem for the Scoot Boots. 

Fit: Scoot Boots fit most shapes of feet, with space for growth between trimming cycles.

Convenience: Put them on and take them off in just a few seconds, no need to fumble with difficult straps and fittings.

Glue-on option: Scoot Boot Skins offer you a glue-on option that lasts for approximately 1000kms, the Skins are able to be cleaned easily due to their ergonomic design.

Accessories: We supply a number of accessories such as pads, 3-degree wedges, different coloured pastern straps, mud straps, endurance gaiter and shims.

In-person fitting: Because our team of experienced barefoot trimmers are also full service reps who travel countrywide, in-person fitting is offered in many locations. Our services also includes changing hardware fittings and after sales service. Alternatively, we are happy to assist you telephonically or online. 

Return policy: Bought the wrong size? Return your Scoot Boots clean and scratch-free within 7 days of delivery and we will happily replace the boots with the correct size or refund you.

Trial policy:
 If you are unhappy with your purchase within 7 days of delivery we can offer a buy-back option less 15%. 

 To order a pair of Scoot Boots please visit our sizing page and then you may place your order through the Store or by emailing us

"Scoot Boots are lightweight and don't cause interference with the horse's movement. They have all the benefits of the bare hoof while offering protection, reducing concussion and allowing the horse's hooves to flex as nature intended." - Anescha Smith, Endurance rider and Arabian Horse Breeder

Amelia Horne riding in Scoot Boots in Jo

"99% of competitions are on CLOPF fibre surfaces in South Africa. I have not encountered any traction related problems whatsoever using Scoot Boots, and can't think of a single moment where my horses have faltered in tight turns into and away from jumps." - Amelia Campbell-Horne, Open Showjumper

"I love that I can keep Scoot Boots on my horse 24/7. Because I am in a dry area I only need to clean them out when it rains." - Janicke du Plessis, Pleasure rider

Friesian in Scoot Boots in South Africa
horse ridden in Scoot Boots in South Africa

Bought a pair of Scoot Boots? Have questions or need support? Join our community of South African Scoot Boot fans and customers on Facebook: 

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