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Giacomo Pinna has two horses, a seven year old mare named Blazing Glory who he was involved with training from the age of three months old, and Lion Heart an eight year old gelding who he knew from the age of eighteen months old. Both are rescues from a stud dispersal sale.   

Giacomo's journey with horses started early on when he was just eight years old. Horses have always been a main feature in his life and he competed in many disciplines including showjumping, showing, dressage. Giacomo also managed a trail riding establishment and ran his own small live-out livery yard. 

Giacomo's belief in the barefoot philosophy and keeping horses in an as natural as possible environment started after his time spent at a trail riding establishment and reached a climax after he took a year off after closing his own corporate business. During this time he buried  himself in natural horsemanship, examining the methods of Tom Dorrance, Mark Rashid, Caroline Resnick and many others.

Once Giacomo bought his own horses he maintained his philosophy with regards to keeping horses naturally. He decided to keep them barefoot and started to learn how to trim them himself with the help of Christine. Other than his own horses, he also trimmed a few of his friends' horses over the last decade he now has his own client base and joined forces with Christine in 2018 to help with her business after he returned from America where he completed a succession of barefoot trimming courses with Ida Hammer, teacher of the Whole Horse Barefoot Trimming Method.

farrier barefoot trimmer in Johannesburg
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