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Thank you for participating in our research. Please fill in the form as concisely as possible, the more details we have the more easily we can find common denominators amongst the horses affected. Over the next few months we will share the results of our findings as we collect data, pictures and perform dissections as well as analyse hoof horn and skin samples for foreign pathogens.

Fungal Hoof Wall Infection Research Intake Form

Which hooves are affected by the condition?
If yes, which hooves are affected?
If yes, which hooves were affected?
What does your horse eat?
Are the following plants present in the general area?
What water source does your horse drink?
How would you describe you soil?
Upload File

Terms and Conditions: By clicking "I accept" I agree to my horse's information and pictures being used in this research project. My own details and the horse's name will be ommitted from the project. 

Thank you for submitting your horse's info! 

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