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Quality German treeless saddle in South Africa

The Hop Tree saddle is a fully adjustable German-designed leather-tree saddle which is made from high quality leather. It is a great alternative to the treeless saddle and can be used on both high-withered and wide horses. Due to its stability and comfort for the horse, the Hop Tree saddle can be used for a variety of disciplines including showjumping, dressage and endurance riding.

The saddle has two velcro panels underneath which are easily moved to fit each individual horse. If further padding is required, usually in the event of muscle wastage, we recommend that the Grandeur Pad with shims is used underneath the saddle. 


The Hop Tree GP saddle includes various options of knee and thigh blocks to suit your riding style while keeping you comfortable and secure in the saddle. The stirrup bar is positioned so that the rider's leg is placed comfortably and correctly underneath the seat.

We will soon offer a variety of other styles of Hop Tree saddles including a dressage, Spanish and Western saddle, all with unique ergonomic features to keep both the horse and rider comfortable.

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