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My name is Christine Pinna (Blackett). I started out my career with horses as a trainer, spending countless hours in the saddle. Shortly after I bought my first horse, she developed hoof problems. I thus ventured into the world of barefoot trimming as I wasn't getting the answers I needed from traditional farriery. Fast forward approximately thirteen years, seven of which have entailed travelling through many parts of South Africa trimming a large variety of horses, and here I am today - with many questions, some answered and some that are still yet to be answered.

Having owned sickly horses that had mysterious health issues, and having dealt with many others in the same boat, I can't help but be curious as to what is lying at the root of these horses' problems.


Along the way I've also met a variety of humans and pets with similar health problems. These are not always very cut and dry situations and many times the owners of these animals as well as the people themselves have exhausted all options and are still searching for answers.                                                        

The idea of doing live blood analysis crossed my mind many years ago when I discovered it at a time in my life where my health was deteriorating rapidly. I was carrying a few excess kilograms, I felt extremely tired all the time and I suffered from chronic pain and allergies. I was also struggling with my memory and concentration. The live blood analysis practitioners and doctor that I saw over the last few years have played an integral part in my healing. But most importantly, what I saw on the screen in front of me encouraged me the most – my body and health was a mess!

After getting over the initial shock, I radically changed my diet and started on a regime of herbs and vitamins. I began to detox which was horrid to go through, but a few months later I was a changed person and I am now virtually pain-free with overall good energy levels. A few years ago I became a bit lazy with my diet and supplements, I was also extremely busy and stressed and I was exercising too hard. My health deteriorated rapidly and I developed a kidney infection and interstitial cystitis. I also had a debilitating cough and couldn't walk far without having to stop and catch my breath. I didn't understand the process leading up to this point much until I went back to my doctor and with the help of his trusty microscope, we discovered a viral and bacterial infection as well as toxicity in my body which is most likely what triggered my symptoms.

I very quickly realized that by overworking my body and not keeping on top of my diet that my body had effectively become "a dirty swamp which was attracting mosquitos." By not taking care of myself, I was damaging my body which created an unhealthy environment where illness would surely thrive. I am now back on track, am symptom-free and have learned my lesson the hard way.  

I am very grateful to have gone through these trials as they have opened my eyes to things that I wasn’t aware of. I've realized that our health lies in our own hands and that with a bit of willpower and knowledge we are able to take back our health and keep it. 

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