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Go Slow Hay Box

R1 749.00
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Brand: Go Slow Hay Box

Because your horse's digestive health is the foundation of it's general health. The Go Slow hay box also lets the ration last longer and promotes self-regulation. The hay is also kept off the floor which results in very little wastage compared to normal hay feeders.

-The Show box is ideal to use for shows. It is easy to transport and keeps the hay clean and off the ground. Fills to 5 or 6 kg.

-The Stable box is just the right size to use in a stable. It keeps the hay out of the shavings and your horse can eat head low for all the stabled hours. Fills to 8 - 10 kg.

-The Bale box fills with almost a square bale when loosely packed. Ideal for all paddocks to save on hay being soiled and wasted.

*Please note that the Go Slow Hay Box takes 6 weeks to manufacture

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