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Caballo Live Blood Analysis offers you South Africa's first equine-specific live blood analysis service. By examining the live blood of the individual, we are able to work with the client in order to assess problem areas in the diet and lifestyle of your equine friend. We also work with a variety of other species of animals as well as humans.

The procedure is quick, simple and typically painless. Blood is drawn from the equine in the typical fashion via the jugular vein and for other animal species an ear prick is all that is needed. For humans we use a finger prick. The live blood is then examined immediately in both darkfield and lightfield. The benefits of examining live, fresh blood versus blood which has been sent off to a laboratory are invaluable. Because the we are working with live, fresh blood we are able to look at precisely how the blood behaves in the body which gives a clear picture of the client's health at a cellular level. The aim is not to formulate a diagnosis based on the patterns seen in the blood, but rather to examine the body's "terrain" for a variety of anomalies such as:

Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies
Immune weakness/imbalance
pH imbalance
Liver and Kidney stress
Digestive problems

Through this process one is able to intervene with lifestyle and nutritional adjustments well before these anomalies cause illness and disease. Progress is then monitored in order to assess the efficacy of these changes.

Because fresh blood is needed for an effective analysis, we are mobile and will happily come to your stable yard or home for the appointment. 

*Disclaimer: Live blood analysis is not used to diagnose or treat medical conditions, it is not intended to replace veterinary or medical care. 

Live blood analysis on horse n South Africa
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